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Tin Can Alley 8-7-21

Johnny Rivers-Mountain of Love

Monkees-Steppin’ Stone

Zombies-She’s Coming Home

Bread-Friends & Lovers

***Putt Putt***

Aretha Franklin-Don’t Play That Song

Hollies-He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

***The Sawmill***

Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose-Too Late to Turn Back Now

Blue Haze-Smoke Gets in Your Eyes


Chicago-Harry Truman

David Bowie-Golden Years

***Sedaka interview***

Neil Sedaka/Elton John-Bad Blood

Firefall-Just Remember I Love You


3 Dog Night-Let Me Serenade You

Jim Croce-Workin’ at the Car Wash Blues

Cashman & West-American City Suite (Tommy West)

Hour 2

***PSA-Johnny Horizon***

Bad Company-Good Lovin’ Gone Bad

Alice Cooper-I Never Cry

Richie Furay-I Still Have Dreams

Atlanta Rhythm Section-Neon Nites

Blood Sweat & Tears-Roller Coaster

***Concert-Guess Who***

Guess Who-Hang on to Your Life

Cars-It’s All I Can Do

***Nixon audio***

Stevie Wonder-You Haven’t Done Nothin’

Earth Wind & Fire-Serpentine Fire

Brownsville Station-Let Your Yeah be Yeah

Billy Preston-Nothing from Nothing

Al Stewart-Midnight Rocks

Whitesnake-Fool for Your Loving

Poco-Ghost Town


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