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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 1-9-21

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Roger Waters-Bravery of Being Out of Range

Rod Stewart-Country Comfort

Spooky Tooth-Son of My Father


***JC Penny-Walsh & Deep Purple***

Joe Walsh-Midnight Moodies

James Gang-Ride the Wind

***Jimmy Aleck-Single guys***


Eric Johnson-Pavilion

Toy Matinee-Toy Matinee

Bad Company-Rock Steady

Sting-Rock Steady

Tubes-Mondo Bondage

Hour 2

***Steve Martin-Cat bath***

Be Bop-Sister Seagull

Pete Townsend-White City Fighting


Pat Travers-Heat in the Street

Joe Satriani-Banana Mango II

***Movie-Wild Party***

T. Rex-The Motivator


Supertramp-Even in the Quietest Moments

Steely Dan-Kings

Procol Harum-As Strong as Samson

REO Speedwagon-Lost in a Dream

***Firesign #36-Custer school***

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