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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 10-15-22

Tommy Bolin-Post Toastee


Byrds-Jesus is Just Alright/This Wheel’s on Fire

Aerosmith-Seasons of Wither

***Concert-Allman Brothers/Dr. John***

Allman Brothers-Wasted Words

Eagles-Journey of the Sorcerer

Supertramp-From Now On

Steely Dan-King of the World

Emerson Lake & Palmer-Endless Enigma/Fugue/Endless Enigma II

Hour 2

***Concert-Jethro Tull in Jackson MS***

Jethro Tull-Minstrel in the Gallery

Concrete Blonde-God is a Bullet

David Bowie-Queen Bitch

Supertramp-From Now On

Grateful Dead-Throwing Stones

***Atomic Rooster crazy intro***

Deep Purple-Coronarias Redig

Mahavishnu Orchestra-Lila’s Dance

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band-Martha’s Madman

Black Sabbath-Am I Going Insane/The Writ - Picture

***Steven Wright-2 boys and a girl***

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