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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 10-21-23

Rolling Stones-Monkey Man

10 Years After-Hard Monkeys

J. Geils Band-Monkey Island

***Monty Python-Dead Monkeys***

Peter Gabriel-Shock the Monkey (live)

Traveling Wilburys-Tweeter and the Monkey Man

***Bad traffic report***

James Taylor-Traffic Jam

Stevie Ray Vaughan-Couldn’t Stand the Weather

Robin Trower-Caledonia

John Mayer-Something’s Missing

Fountains of Wayne-No Better Place

Dixie Dregs-Kat Food

Hour 2

***Kansas-Kerry showing up with songs***

Kansas-Opus Mangum


Return to Forever-Sorceress

Red Rider-Napoleon Sheds His Skin

***Robin Williams-Tanks, Boyce***

Rainbow-Lost in Hollywood

Queen-I Want it All

Police-Message in a Bottle (live)

Alan Parsons Project-Limelight

Rolling Stones-Fingerprint File

***Steven Wright-Fred & Barney***

I really stumbled into the monkey theme for the opening segment - it started with 10 Years After, then The Traveling Wilburys, and I just added from there. Also, got a few really LONG songs this week (including the monkey song from J. Geils), with three that start out the second hour. The lead-in for JT's "Traffic Jam" is a rarity I somehow ended up with from my days at Citadel Communications around 20 years ago. As I recall, that traffic reporter didn't last long. And the program is bookended by the Stones, much like last week's was bookended by Deep Purple. Hope you like it!

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