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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 11-11-23

Rainbow-Long Live Rock and Roll


Todd Rundgren-Black Maria

***Concert-Allman Brothers in New Orleans***

Allman Brothers-Leave My Blues at Home

Roy Buchanan-The Heat of the Battle

***Steve Martin/Let’s Get Small edit #1***

Joe Jackson-Right or Wrong

Paul Simon-Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes

James Gang-Ride the Wind

Aerosmith-She’s on Fire

Guess Who-Pleasin’ for Reason

Aquarium Rescue Unit-Splash

Hour 2

***National Lampoon-Dick Ballantine***

Genesis-Dreaming While You Sleep

George Harrison-Dream Away

Crosby Stills & Nash-In My Dreams

Hot Tuna-Serpent of Dreams

Jethro Tull-Sweet Dream

King’s X-Dream in My Life

***PDQ Bach-Schleptet in E Flat Major***

Deep Purple-Space Truckin’

Dire Straits-Brothers in Arms

Free-A Little Bit of Love

***Steven Wright-Parking lot***

Ran into a couple of "dream" songs I haven't played in quite awhile, so I seemed to have added several others into the mix and come up with a "themed segment"! My current rock bio read prompts the Aerosmith selection, from their first album of the '80s with the original five reunited. Been too long since I've dropped in Roy Buchanan, and I have a few prime comedy bits with PDQ Bach, National Lampoon (specifically, Richard Belzer), and some '70s Steve Martin.

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