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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 3-25-23

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Steely Dan-Change of the Guard

Atomic Rooster-Breakthrough

Emerson Lake & Palmer-Nutrocker

Queen-My Fairy King

Be Bop Deluxe-Soundtrack

***Lily Tomlin-Ernestine/Mr. Veedle***


Trapeze-Coast to Coast

The Who-Magic Bus (live)

Jeff Beck-The Pump

Warren Zevon-Carmelita

Hour 2

***George Carlin-Ali’s profession***

David Gilmour-Short & Sweet

***Steven Wright-5s & 7s***

Fixx-Make No Plans

Adam Schmitt-Just Listen


Queensryche-Jet City Woman

Josh Clayton-Felt-Soon Enough

Colin Hay-Overkill

***Steven Wright-Dental hygienist***

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