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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 4-23-22

Queen-Loser in the End

Mott the Hoople-Ready for Love/After Lights

Guess Who-Comin’ Down Off the Money Bag

James Gang-Things I Should Be

REO Speedwagon-Back on the Road Again

***Superjam ‘76***

Jeff Beck-Freeway Jam

Fleetwood Mac-Revelation

Eagles-Disco Strangler

Yes-Final Eyes

Dan Fogelberg-Phoenix

Hour 2

***Chris Rock-OJ***

Alice in Chains-No Excuses

Tal Bachman-Darker Side of Blue

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin-I Want it Over


Ocean Blue-Sublime

Dinosaur, Jr.-Feel the Pain

Live-Selling the Drama

***KXOW news promo***

ELO-Here is the News/21st Century Man

Pink Floyd-Terminal Frost

The Police-The Other Way of Stopping

Nazareth-Born Under the Wrong Sign

Gerry Rafferty-North & South

***Steven Wright-George***

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