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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 4-3-21

Procol Harum-The Devil Came from Kansas

Robin Trower-Caledonia


Cheap Trick-Hard to Tell

Saga-Once is Never Enough

***PDQ Bach-What’s My Melodic Line***

Al Stewart-Lord Grenville

Steely Dan-King of the World

Little Feat-Day at the Dog Races

Paul Simon-Hearts & Bones

Jackson Browne-Sky Blue & Black

Hour 2

***George Carlin-Acknowledgements***

Smiths-How Soon is Now

Josh Clayton Felt-Soon Enough

Verve-Lucky Man

Robert Plant-Heaven Knows

Poco-Days Gone By

***Movie-Young Seducers***

Cars-Candy O

Matthew Sweet-Super Baby

Suzanne Vega-Head Shots

Ian Gomm-Come On

Crowded House-Fall at Your Feet

Clash-Guns of Brixton

Warren Zevon-Play it All Night Long

Fabulous Thunderbirds-Wrap it Up

Fountains of Wayne-Hey Julie

10cc-Honeymoon with B Troop

***Firesign #2-Geese***

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