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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 5-18-24

Peter Frampton-You Know So Well

David Gilmour-So Far Away

Rory Gallagher-Crest of a Wave

***George Carlin-Toledo Window Box***

Jimi Hendrix-Stone Free

Stu Hamm & Eric Johnson-Lone Star

***Monty Python-I’ll Bet You They Won’t Play This Song***

George Harrison-Living in the Material World

Guess Who-So Long Bannatyne

Elton John-Take Me to the Pilot (live)

Billy Joel-Zanzibar

Hall & Oates-Lady Rain


Hour 2

***Dennis Miller-Sex***

INXS-Beautiful Girl

Hinterland-Dive the Deepest

The Heads-Indie Hair

Peter Himmelman-Beneath the Damage & the Dust

Goo Goo Dolls-Name

Dinosaur, Jr.-Feel the Pain


Pearl Jam-Daughter

***Cheech y Chong-Waiting for Dave (latter edit)***

10 Years After-Once There Was a Time

Yes-South Side of the Sky


The Who-Too Much of Anything

***Firesign #46-How can I ever repay you***

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