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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 6-24-23

Led Zeppelin-Houses of the Holy

Whitesnake-Slow ‘n Easy

Deep Purple-Smoke on the Water (live)

Tommy Bolin-Lotus

Rainbow-Gates of Babylon

***George Carlin-Bif Berns***

Queen-Son and Daughter

Rush-Witch Hunt

Robbie Robertson-Fallen Angel

Pink Floyd-Another Brick in the Wall

Joe Satriani-Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing

Hour 2

***Dennis Miller-Feminine hygiene***

Ian Hunter-Who Do You Love

Steve Morse-On the Pipe

Free-I’m a Mover

Rory Gallagher-Laundromat

***Concert-Rare Earth & Foghat***

Foghat-Drive Me Home

Rare Earth-Fresh from the Can

***Apollo 11 liftoff***

Cracker-I’m a Little Rocket Ship


Marc Bonilla-Antonio’s Love Jungle

REM-Oddfellows Local 151

J. Geils Band-Sanctuary

George Harrison-Shanghai Surprise

***PDQ Bach-music you don’t mind hearing***

After the opening Zeppelin cut - why in the hell didn't they put "Houses of the Holy" on the album "Houses of the Holy"?!? - I go into the "Deep Purple family" for the balance of the segment. Really love the segues in segment two, and the fact that the Robbie Robertson song sounds like it could've been an extra out Peter Gabriel's "So" album (stands to reason, as Gabriel plays and sings on it, and Robertson had Daniel Lanois producing). The Rare Earth/Foghat concert ad is out of 1974, and Rare Earth needed to do MORE songs like "Fresh from the Can". The J. Geils selection is one of my favorites from them, and the George Harrison song is a good tune from what was (apparently, as I'VE never seen it) a really bad movie. Enjoy, and feedback is always welcome.

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