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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 7-2-22

Little Feat-Easy to Slip

Deep Purple-Never Before

Captain Beyond-Mesmerization Eclipse

Todd Rundgren-Dust in the Wind

Blood Sweat & Tears-Down in the Flood

Jeff Beck Group-Definitely Maybe

Rolling Stones-Shine a Light

***Concert-Black Sabbath & Brownsville Station in Minneapolis***

Black Sabbath-Cornucopia

Trapeze-You are the Music

Elton John-I Think I’m Gonna Kill Myself

Free-Little Bit of Love

Nilsson-At My Front Door

Emerson Lake & Palmer-Trilogy

Hour 2

***WRKP in Cincinnati opening theme***

Donald Fagen-Green Flower Street

Robert Plant-Moonlight in Samosa

The Who-Dangerous

Bad Company-Untie the Knot


Crosby Stills & Nash-Raise a Voice

***CBS Morning promo***

Men at Work-Underground

Fixx-Stand or Fall

Aldo Nova-Fantasy

***MTV theme***

Scandal-Goodbye to You


Asia-Time Again

***Cheers promo***

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