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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 8-26-23

Eric Johnson-High Landrons

Richard Wright-Holiday

The Who-Dangerous

Mott the Hoople-Ready for Love

Joni Mitchell-In France They Kiss on Main Street (live)

Yes-Tempus Fugit

Steve Winwood-Spanish Dancer

Supertramp-Even in the Quietest Moments

Elton John-Amoreena (live)

Weather Report-Herandnu

Hour 2

***Firesign Theater-Church***

Rainbow-Tarot Woman

Paul Rodgers-Northwinds

James Gang-Rather Be Alone With You/From Another Time


Guess Who-Self Pity

***Tom Dreeson-Mississippi state trooper***

Little Feat-Texas Twister

U2-So Cruel

Genesis-Dance on a Volcano/Los Endos

David Gilmour-Blue Light

***Lewis Grizzard-Dogsled**

Let's see, got some Dio-era Rainbow, Tommy Bolin-era James Gang, Weather Report from an album that had Jaco but the song features his predecessor Alphonso Johnson, some live Joni that DOES feature Jaco, Genesis after Gabriel but before Hackett's departure, Yes featuring the two guys from The Buggles, Mott the Hoople featuring a Mick Ralphs vocal on a song better known by Bad Company, and some solo Richard Wright and David Gilmour. Yeah, I got a lot of favorites going on here. Hope you like 'em as well!

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