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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 9-2-23/All 1973

David Bowie-Panic in Detroit

Doobie Brothers-Without You

Deep Purple-Rat Bat Blue

Aerosmith-One Way Street

J. Geils Band-Back to Get Ya’

***George Carlin-Foole***

Steely Dan-Your Gold Teeth

BS&T-Inner Crisis

Beck Bogert Appice-Superstition

Led Zeppelin-The Ocean

Pink Floyd-The Great Gig in the Sky

Hour 2

***George Carlin-Grass swept the neighborhood***


Deep Purple-Highway Star

Fleetwood Mac-Night Watch

Uriah Heep-If I Had the Time

Captain Beyond-Bright Blue Tango

***Concert-Emerson Lake & Palmer***

Emerson Lake & Palmer-Karn Evil 9

Billy Cobham-Taurian Matador

George Harrison-Sue Me, Sue You Blues

Peter Frampton-Lines on My Face

Todd Rundgren-Just One Victory

***George Carlin-Caucasians***

All 1973 here AND Tin Can Alley! A mix of songs from the classic albums (Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Deep Purple, etc.) and a few underperformers (Todd, Fleetwood Mac, Blood Sweat & Tears, Captain Beyond). And bit of Billy Cobham from one of the early breakthrough fusion albums. Ah, yes, and a few welcome words from George Carlin. Always appreciate feedback, and always hope you like!

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