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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks - Birthday edition! 10-8-22

Guess Who-Pain Train

Billy Cobham-Stratus

Deep Purple-Wild Dogs

James Gang-Standing in the Rain

***Firesign Theater-Nick Danger #2***

Kansas-Miracles Out of Nowhere

Jeff Beck-Blue Wind

Dixie Dregs-Odyssey

Led Zeppelin-Night Flight

Weather Report-Havona

Hour 2

***National Lampoon-Dick Ballantine***

Focus-House of the King

Atomic Rooster-Devil’s Answer

Captain Beyond-Starglow Energy

George Harrison-Living in the Material World

David Gilmour-There’s No Way Out of Here

Little Feat-Red Streamliner

***George Carlin-7 Dirty Words***

Steely Dan-Babylon Sisters

Peter Gabriel-That Voice Again

Genesis-Keep it Dark

Fixx-Secret Seperation

Dire Straits-Private Investigations

***Steven Wright-Firearms***

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