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Tin Can Alley 10-21-23

Isley Brothers-All Because I Love You

Isley Brothers-Twist & Shout

Yardbirds-Little Games

Sly & The Family Stone-Everyday People

Donovan-Sunshine Superman

Steppenwolf-None of Your Doing

***Rod Serling-Zero Hour***

Doors-People are Strange

Crosby Stills & Nash-Marrakesh Express

Friends of Distinction-Love or Let Me Be Lonely

***Commonwealth Theaters/Halloween***

Supremes-Nathan Jones

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles-Tears of a Clown


Eagles-Witchy Woman

Mel & Tim-Starting All Over Again

***Movie-Italian Connection/Don’t Look in the Basement***

Elton John-Levon

3 Dog Night-Going in Circles

Gordon Lightfoot-Early Morning Rain

Hour 2


Hues Corporation-Rock the Boat

Edgar Winter Group-Hangin’ Around

Hall & Oates-She’s Gone

4 Tops-I Just Can’t Get You Out of My Mind

***SW City Mall/Halloween***

Spinners-Rubber Band Man

Fotomaker-Miles Away

James Taylor-Honey Don’t Leave LA

***Festival of the Undead***

Humble Pie-Fool for a Pretty Face

Foreigner-Juke Box Hero

Styx-Why Me

Martin Briley-Salt in My Tears

Toto-Make Believe

Fleetwood Mac-Silver Springs

***Firesign-Nick Danger #5***

Leading with two from the Isleys on the heels of the death Rudolph Isley, including a fairly obscure one leading things off. Also, for the second week in a row, a segment of songs from '72. This might become a regular feature for a chunk of the last segment of hour #1. It's apparently become one in the short term, anyway. I end the program with the song that was SUPPOSED to be on the "Rumours" album, but was left off, which left Stevie Nicks plenty pissed at the time. And I've got lots of Halloween audio from the KAAY archives!

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