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Tin Can Alley 11-14-20

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Animals-It’s My Life

Beatles-Penny Lane


***Moses-Bee Gees***

Bee Gees-Lonely Days

Stampeders-Sweet City Woman

***Apollo 12 promo***

Bread-Sweet Surrender

Ringo Starr-It Don’t Come Easy

Doobies-Another Park

***Dodge Trucks ’73***

Fleetwood Mac-Remember Me

Procol Harum-Nothing But the Truth

***Movie-The Black Windmill***

Poco-High & Dry

Guess Who-When the Band was Singin' Shakin' All Over

***Madcats-461 Ocean Boulevard***

Eric Clapton-Willie & the Hand Jive

Gary Wright-Made to Love You

Boz Scaggs-Breakdown Dead Ahead

***SNL-Hard of Hearing***

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