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Tin Can Alley 5-13-23

Zombies-She’s Not There

Neil Diamond-Red, Red Wine

BJ Thomas-Eyes of a NY Woman

***Capital City Business College***

Sly & the Family Stone-Stand

4 Tops-Walk Away Renee

***Clear Mint***

? & the Mysterians-Can’t Get Enough of You Baby

Cat Stevens-First Cut is the Deepest

***Bean Music***


Stevie Wonder-Until You Come Back to Me

***Focus-Hubert Humphrey @ Ark. Farmers Union 1969***

Godspell-Day by Day

Lobo-Don’t Expect Me to Be Your Friend

Supremes-Automatically Sunshine

***Moore Ford 18th anniversary***

War-Me & Baby Brother

Jethro Tull-Living in the Past

Sweet- Blockbuster

Carly Simon-Anticipation

Hour 2

***Movie-Thunderbolt & Lightfoot***

Gordon Lightfoot-Cold on the Shoulder

Bachman Turner Overdrive-Tramp

Gary Wright-Phantom Writer

3 Dog Night-Sure as I’m Sittin’ Here

***Bill Edwards @ Ark. Yamaha***

Fleetwood Mac-Blue Letter

Carole King-Hard Rock Cafe

Elton John-Mama Can’t Buy You Love

***PSA-Air Force for chicks!***

Eddie Money-Think I’m in Love

Gary Numan-Cars

Donnie Iris-Love is Like a Rock

Robert Palmer-Every Kinda People

Paul Davis-’65 Love Affair

Journey-Send Her My Love

Steely Dan-Kid Charlamagne

***Firesign-Play the flute***

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