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Tin Can Alley 8-26-23

Vanilla Fudge-You Keep Me Hangin’ On

Zombies-Tell Her No

Turtles-Happy Together

Troggs-I Can’t Control Myself

Joe Tex-Show Me

Jackie Wilson-Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher

***Village Fox/Summer***

Who-Summertime Blues

Elton John-Lady Samantha

Supremes-Stoned Love

***Asher Drive-in/bad sex movies***

Grass Roots-Heaven Knows

Raiders-Indian Reservation

***Movie-Funny Lady***

Guess Who-Do You Miss Me Darlin’

Moody Blues-Story in Your Eyes

***3 Dog Night/Best of***

3 Dog Night-An Old Fashioned Love Song

Staple Singers-Respect Yourself

Cat Stevens-Wild World

Hour 2

***Worthen Bank mini-teller***

Andy Kim-Rock Me Gently

O’Jays-For the Love of Money

ELO-Ma Ma Ma Belle

Rolling Stones-Hot Stuff

Pablo Cruise-Whatcha Gonna Do

***Madcats-Earth Wind & Fire***

EW&F-Shining Star

Carpenters-Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

***Wal-Mart stores***

Dan Fogelberg-Once Upon a Time

Jennifer Warnes-I Know a Heartache When I See One

Sniff ‘n the Tears-Driver’s Seat

Hotel-Half Moon Silver

Poco-Ghost Town

Don Henley-Johnny Can’t Read

Fleetwood Mac-Gypsy

***Carlin-Hansel & Gretel***

I almost immediately recognized after posting that I JUST played The Guess Who b-side back in the spring. Great song, but sorry! I do my best not to repeat songs within a year, but I occasionally screw up. Like this week. But moving on from that, I have two of my favorite non-hits late in the program, with Poco's "Ghost Town" and Hotel's "Half Moon Silver". The Fogelberg song is completely random, the ELO song has Marc Bolan playing guitar alongside Jeff Lynne, the Andy Kim song is an admitted guilty pleasure (and a REALLY good pop song), and the Elton tune was his first single release in America, that in SPITE of its catchiness, went absolutely nowhere. Oh, and the Wal-Mart ad, announcing their grand total of stores circa 1975. As always, hope you like what you hear!

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